HERstories in times of transformation

On 20th October 2022, the AHE University organised a symposium and made the project known to a wider public. Dr. Kamila Witerska first presented the project idea, the aims and objectives, the partners and the result, the learning platform. She also gave an example of one of the two courses she had written: Women in Transformation in Poland in the 1990s. This period still has a clear impact in Poland, evokes “moving memories” and is still controversially discussed today.

Afterwards, Dr. Andrzej Zbonikowski was interviewed. His topic was “Change as a psychological phenomenon”. This and questions about it were deepened in the subsequent workshop units. The 47 participants could choose between the workshop “Image and metaphor as a way of developing creativity and imagination in learning about history” or “Drama and photography in history teaching”. Didactic exercises from the aforementioned course on “Women in Transformation” were applied.

The feedback was very positive. “The exercises made it possible to talk about sensitive issues.” “It is super interesting what you can learn about a historical epoch through biographies.”