Transition and Terrorism in Spain

The Spanish partner organisation A.M.E.F.E. dedicated its project presentation on 21st October 2022 to terrorism in Spain as it accompanied the “transition” to democracy (1976-1982). The one-day seminar took place in cooperation with the Narciso Díaz de Escovar Library (El Torcal).

After an introduction to the project “Moving Memories”, the history teacher, D. Ramón Taboada, spoke about how the transition was not an idyllic process, but rather gruelling and full of pitfalls. By 1980, the country had entered a severe crisis that brought it to the brink of the abyss. Mr. Jose María Diaz Cortizo of the National Police during the transition period presented his view of terrorism at that time and answered the numerous questions from the audience at the well-attended event.

Some feedbacks of attendees: “The transition was a contradictory time after all. It is good to talk about it.” “It has passed. But it is still close.” “Thank you for this inspiring day.” “Great project.